Jason Wu Target Collaboration: Will Internet Airwaves Be Sent Into a Tizzy Like Missoni’s?

When Targets 400+ designer collection with Italian fashion house Missoni launched last September the collection sent their stores and online commerce website into a hurricane of craziness.  For months the collab was kept under wraps.  Only a certain amount of highly important fashion gurus and magazine editors were allowed to preview it, and when that happened they were still only able to see a small group of items.  The anticipation was killing the public when more and more pieces were revealed in commercial and magazine editorials and the wait for September seemed like it would never come.

Now Targets in cities like East Lansing, where I currently reside, or Westland, where my permanent home is, only carry a few items from each designer collaboration that is revealed every four to five months, so it makes people like me, the fashion obsessed, slightly depressed when I walk in the store and nothing is there.  This leaves Target.com my only option, unless I want to travel to a bigger city somewhere completely out of my gas tanks and my way.

When I went online to targets website almost every Missoni piece was either off the website and sold out or was left in only random sizes that don’t fit me.  Then shortly after there were articles upon articles about all of the people who bought all of Missoni’s pieces and then turned around and sold them on eBay for upwards of three or four times the original price.  What Target didn’t realize was that if they would have capped each prospective buyers amount of merchandise that they were able to purchase there wouldn’t have been that problem, or at least not at that magnitude.  But it never occurred to them that would happen.

Buyers were furious with Target that they had to go sites like eBay to get the clothing.  But they were still buying it.  I guess in the end all that mattered was that the consumers were getting a limited edition piece from an Italian knitwear brand that had been around for decades, at a fraction of the price.

In the end whether we admit it or not, the truly fashion crazy people will go to any lengths to get the “next best piece” or the “insane zig zag knit Missoni mini” if it ensures their status amongst the fashion Gods.  It’s clear that up-and-coming designer Jason Wu who has already designed for high fashion celebs such as the First Lady Michelle Obama and actress Kate Bosworth, will have no trouble selling his overtly girly mini dresses and preppy shifts.  His following not only of celebrities and fashion icons but us regular folk over here blogging on our bed at 1:30 in the morning (me) will keep the collection afloat, although it might be a little harder for me to get my hands on any of it..

Mr. Wu could you please save me the cream flared dress in a small?  Oh please could you?!  Lets just say I’m keeping my fingers crossed from here on out or at least until Feb. 5th when the collection goes live.


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