The Six Food Blogs You Should Be Following

Okay I’m going to do things a little different this week, I am posting about all things food and blogging.  As much as I am obsessed with clothes and fashion, I am probably just as much, maybe more, obsessed with food and cooking.  Below I have compiled a list of six of the top food blogs I follow religiously and I hope you love them as much as I do… Now try not to drool when looking at these sites and the pictures posted.. I dare you.
  1. Not Without Salt

Greek Nachos

Not Without Salt is pastry proprietor Ashley Rodriguez’s love child.  Formerly working for a top name pastry chef at Wolfgang Puck’s famous L.A. restaurant Spago, she fell in love with all things food.  Since moving to Washington and settling down with her husband and three kids, she invites her followers into her home with “a collection of well-seasoned recipes,” inspiring stories and stunning photography.  Debuting on the blogosphere in 2009, NWS got its name after Rodriguez came across a quote from James Beard stating, “Where would we be without salt?”  A lover of salt and cringing at the thought of life without it, Rodriguez had to name her blog after it.  You’ll find recipes from how to make bacon caramel and Greek nachos to heartfelt stories about struggling with postpartum depression after having her third child.  Not Without Salt is a blog that is as delicious in its content as it is in the recipes that are posted weekly.

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